We were always in it…the great outdoors, that is.

Growing up in a family that owns and operates a sawmill always put me in the forests of Lower Michigan.  My Father instilled in me a love for adventure, which for us, always drew us into the “Great Outdoors”. Whether we were hunting for White Tail deer in the deep, dark ravines of Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, or backpacking in the “Bush” of Ontario, Canada with canoe and rod, searching for that illusive trout, we were always on an adventure. We always seemed to find ourselves out there.

Parts of us come alive there. We carry it’s memories and secrets with us, dreaming of our next return. For some of us, I guess, we really never leave it. We always leave a part of us there, needing to return again.

Personally Outdoors, for us is a combination of a love for the outdoors and God given talent mixed up together. Our creations, we hope, will remind you of the awe and beauty of this place that God has created for us to enjoy.